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everyone has said and done problematic things in their lifetime. that’s a result of the society we live in, not necessarily a reflection of their character.

what is a reflection of their character is how they react to being informed of the negativity within their behavior and statements, and whether or not they choose to change their behavior.

"I love people who are open-minded. People who just vibe with whatever you talk about. You can talk about anything and everything."
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Feels trip

I’m never into serious mode whenever I write my novels (which are all, my dear friends, unpublished *but someday I hope they’ll be publish*) but when I started writing this certain Socio-Political Novel of mine, which is far wayyyyyyy different from the other novels that I wrote (romance is my main forte before) I began to be that sort of serious mode girl.

Whenever I get the chance to write some chapters for that said novel (I can’t finish it yet since I’m busy with school stuffs) I suddenly become so attach to them. I mean, is it really possible for the author to have that strange strong connection with her fictional character?

There are days, I swear to God and all things Holy, that I feel that these characters are taking over my body and mind for me to be able to write what’s appropriate for the chapter….Like WOAH!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but…who knows right?

Maybe I’m destined to be an author instead of being a diplomat.

"There are two reasons why we don’t trust people. First - we don’t know them. Second - we know them."
-Anonymous (via unnostalgic)