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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."
-Unknown  (via dingyfeathers)
And he left

I was actually hoping that somehow, he will consider “Brotherhood over money” but yeah, he didn’t. HE left our team, just because we lost at this year’s finals. What kind of KING is that?

Wala ka pala kay Kobe eh!

Wala ka pala kay Wade eh!

Sure, you can say that, “Hey! I’m the greatest player in the world! I’m a king” but for me the real king is the one who never left, the one who stayed despite the fact that the team isn’t working well. Being a king doesn’t only require good skills and talent, it should come with personality as well.

So I guess, thanks for the two championships and four straight years trip to the finals. I really do appreciate it, bro! :)

However, I can’t support you with the Cavaliers. I’m on Heat Nation since ‘05. I won’t hate you, promise. Thanks again. Good luck, Bron! 

(We did it before without him, we can do it again)

#HeatNation! :”> 

Brotherhood over money

I learn to respect this player ever since he came into my team in 2010. Before, the only player I really look up to is Dwyane Wade but then I began to love LeBron as well….but then with all the news about him during this free agency season, I can’t help but think……he keeps on chasing talent to win a ring. I mean come on, you don’t abandon your team just because you lose in the fucking finals. You fucking move on and be better on the next season. 

UGH. I’m tired of all these rumors and shits.

*flips hair* I’m a Heat fan since ‘05 so I’ll always be a proud member of HEAT NATION <3